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Designing products for mass production


Cave painting


To satisfy the need to express oneself by creating just a single copy




The result of creative expression applied to one’s environment



R & R

Not everything is disposable. Sometimes they can be repaired or restored.

Restore & Repair

In case you’re wondering….

What’s the purpose of this website or perhaps more importantly, why are you visiting it and what are you going to see?

Let’s start by telling you what I’m assuming…

  • You have time on your hands and that you’re desperate to fill it.
  • You actually know who’s site you’re on.
  • You’d like to see how I complicated my life in pursuit of my visions.

What to expect…

  •  My professional work as an Industrial Designer/Product designer.
  • The work that I call “artistic expression”.
  • Projects that attempt to change, personalize and create an environment that sets the backdrop to one’s life.
  • Miscellaneous creations, repairs, installations, etc., that share the other moments of what I fit into my life.
  • And finally, a blog that wraps a story around my life’s adventures, that up until now existed only as an email sent to a few family members.

I should also mention the ground rules…

  • This website was set up to share my life’s pursuits with friends and family and occasionally others.
  • I’m not selling or advertising anything in any way.
  • I will attempt to make it fun and interesting.
  • ONLY positive/constructive comments/feedback is welcome.
  • I will be sharing more than I would normally be comfortable with so maintaining my anonymity (with others) is very important to me.


Hope you enjoy the visit…

Remember to stop by the blog section every now and then.