Giving a second chance to some parts that were no longer useful to their original purpose.


Doesn’t everyone need a glowing wrench in their man-cave?

Steam Pumpkin

Who said pumpkin carving was boring?

Display Stand

It’s hard to be relegated to just a supporting roll when you look this good.

Hanging Basket V 2.0

Flower baskets seem to have gotten heavier over the years so the hanger needed upgrading. A second rod was offset and welded to the original hanger. The aesthetic of a glass butterfly flying off it’s tip helped integrate the upgrade with the glass marbles of the original hanger.

Blow Hard

I was thinking glass blowing was going to be a relaxing, slow paced, centring kind of activity. I thought wrong.

Stained Glass Royalty

If one tries hard enough, eventually they will be able to trace a branch of their family tree that will eventually lead back to a time that they were related to some King or Queen or……

This “Family Crest” I created in a stained glass course represents my connection to some such 7th century figure. I personally believe it’s a better representation of my “gullibility”.

The Perfect Piece

A long time ago, when libraries were the only place to go to do research and get inspiration for a project, I poured a slab of plaster of paris and started carving.

The need was for a large art piece that would hang above a couch that would compliment a “Neoclassical” style the room was being done in. At the time I could neither find or likely afford a piece like this so it became yet another DIY project.

In the Trenches

Kids are great when it comes to helping them with school projects. I’m not sure if it’s obvious but I may have helped my son on this one.

Did I mention that I built architectural models professionally for a year after graduating?