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My Perspective….

My belief is that our surroundings can greatly impact how we feel. I’m not talking about the basics like being cold or wet but rather I’m referring to the more intangible effect the “right” or “wrong” backdrop to life’s activities can have on our happiness, outlook, motivation, enjoyment and so on.

It’s why Art Galleries have a certain look or why so much effort is put into the design and decorating of a restaurant in an attempt to set a mood that compliments both the items and the prices offered on its menu.

How “the rubber meets the road”

Not many of us can truly impact the world around us, myself included. I found that one approach is to focus your efforts on a much smaller world, an environment that you can create as the perfect backdrop to your life.

All of us do it to a greater or lesser degree. Picking a new colour to paint a room or planting flowers in a garden. These are all attempts to modify your environment to better represent the “backdrop” you want influencing you in that space.

I’m going to confess that I fall in the “greater degree” category of that previously mentioned scale in my attempts to create that perfect personal backdrop. The majority of this website will focus on the projects I’ve taken on trying to create environments that set the desired mood.

I will be posting photos of what I’ve done and in time a blog that will tell a story of the process (successes and failures). I will include work I’ve done professionally, as an Industrial Designer, Product designer, Model Maker and as a Renovation Contractor.

I won’t and can’t list all of the things I will put on this website so if you’re okay going on a trip without a map but trust the guide to take you somewhere interesting, then buckle up, here we go……..

Ready, set…

If you’re ready, Press the Blog link on the right or pick a different place to go from the side menu. I hope you enjoy the journey.